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It is our mission to popularize the usage and cultivation of hemp in all branches of industry and to set quality standards for its production and industry applications.

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We guarantee a contract for your crop and a favorable price for it. Our agrotechnicians with years of experience in the business and other experts stand ready to assist you through technical, legal and licencing issues.

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Materials and processes

Our knowledge and experience in the growing and processing of industrial hemp ensures the highest quality of our products, effective planning and optimized production and service. Growpharma functions as a contract manufacturer, supplier and distributor of materials, semi-finished goods and equipment. Our offer also includes industry advisory and system and process design services.

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Businesses interested in industrial-scale growing and processing of hemp will find the following categories in our product and trade offer:

  • Cosmetics

    High quality ointments, soaps, creams, shampoos, conditioners and CBD balms for daily use and topical applications.

  • Edible products

    Hemp-derived flour, seeds, teas, cooking oils and other products (brownies, butter, tinctures etc.) are are popular with consumers due to their flavor and health properties.

  • Dried plants

    Carefully selected, certified varieties of top-of-the-line seeds and fresh and dried inflorescences (dried hemp) for individual and industrial use.

  • Extracts

    Extracts, distillates, isolates and hemp pastes find use in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. Select varieties and preparations in various forms are authorized for growing and production in Poland and the EU. They can also be legally studied and traded B2B.

  • Growing equipment

    Substrates, fertilizers, pots, lamps, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, thermometers and other high quality agrotechnical equipment.

  • Pharmacy equipment

    Stills, extractors, centrifuges, reflectometers and other devices used in processing hemp (to yield the various forms and shapes *), semi-finished products, prescriptions and industrial preparations and research materials. Also on offer, distribution and support for technology, laboratory and R&D initiatives.

Advisory and design

Expert support and design solutions for industrial-scale production, distribution, services and research and development initiatives.

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GrowPharma Clinic

Access to hemp preparations conceived with the help of advanced medical knowledge and consistent with the legal framework. Growpharma offers the expertise of both Polish and international doctors alike.

Only a well-qualified specialist can develop a tailor-made marijuana therapy model with an effective treatment strategy.