Advisory and design

Design support, advisory, infrastructure organization, service facilities, legal counsel, technological and industry managerial and investment support for industrial production, distribution and service providers as well as research and development initiatives

  • Championing compliance, sound risk assessment, feasibility studies and profitability assessments, we help you hold on to your industrial property

  • Championing compliance, sound risk assessment, feasibility studies and profitability assessments, we help you hold on to your industrial property

  • Support for and facilitation of industrial research (industrial environment testing, quality controls)

  • Design and provision of fittings, appliances and technology transfers.


We help you successfully conform to the GMP standards as part of your operation. We look at your personalized entrepreneurial needs and the regulatory framework in your given market to optimize industrial space, process, product and procedure design along with the implementation of each given element for streamlined functioning.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is an organizational and management system based on operational and supervisory procedures aimed at providing consistent and uniform product quality. This is achieved through close supervision over the production process including strict documentation of each stage of production—from raw material through packaging and branding to warehousing and preparation for distribution of a finished product.

Following GMP ensures that products always adhere to quality standards in accordance with system documentation (manuals, procedures, specifications, permits)

In the pharmaceutical industry, meeting processing and quality requirements determines whether permits are issued for manufacturing and trade at every stage of production and distribution of a finished product. This also applies to every component involved.

If you are interested in production and distribution of Polish medicaments and pharmaceutical substances derived from hemp or investing in said market, we offer:

  • operational and investment advisory guiding you through the regulatory framework and reviewing realistic business opportunities.
  • Advisory and pre-investment consultations (review of enterprice resources, feasibility study, profitability assessment, business models, valuations).
  • Design and implementation of management and quality control systems at every stage of operation.
Production tests and serial control

We are in cooperation with laboratories authorized to do relevant research and analysis in the field of product and raw materials quality control as part of serial control. The aforementioned laboratories help us provide other services such as sperialized production, distribution and research services in the pharmaceutical market. This incluces, as needed, operations aimed at the manufacture, processing and supervision of controlled substances i.e. non-industrial hemp.

Releasing a safe and efficacious product to the market is essential for the production of medicaments and their components (supervision and series certification). Similar safety standards can and should be applied to food, cosmetic and other utility products.

Laboratory analysis
  • Cannabinoid profiles
  • Pesticide and mycotoxin residue test
  • Heavy metal residue test
  • Microbiological purity test
  • Solvent residue test
  • Terpenes test