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Contracting industrial hemp crops (Cannabis sativa L: – HEMP – catalogue varieties from certified seeds or seedlings)

We offer:

  • Help applying for licences.
  • Agrotechnical support throughout the growth process..
  • Expert supervision.
  • The purchase of all dried plant material/seeds according to prior agreement.
  • A high profit margin.
  • A chance to acquire knowledge on growing, harvesting and processing industrial hemp.


Details of offered services – All stages from initial advisory and help planning out the project through crop collection terms to payment terms are approached on a case-by-case basis and agreed upon prior to the signing of the contract. Uniform trade and pricing policies apply.

  • GrowPharma is a legal entity licenced to purchase industrial hemp across Poland and to sell tested seeds of EU-approved varieties. Choose your own variety and growing structure—legality guaranteed.

  • Favorable contracting and crop purchase conditions (such as prices and additional services including field training, help with formalities and guaranteed legality of the whole process)

  • Purchase price negotiable according to high inclusions of certain substances and other qualitative/guantitative features of the harvested crop (flexible trade policy considering the crop type, purpose etc.)

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Our line of services and industry connections make for contracting opportunities in any voivodeship both in open air and greenhouse (controlled) forms *. We will also help you set up a growing and processing production and/or trade enterprise.


Agrotechnical training is available to growers (from beginner to advanced) together with a securement of legal security and soundness of procedure.
Regulatory, business and decision-making advisory at all stages of operation for investors, management staff and key personnel—both group and individual. Organization, finalization and commercialization all taken care of.

Additional information on training

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Farm-based producers and support center for organizations seeking favorable markets for the farm industry

We plan to secure a framework of direct supervision and funding for hemp crops and their processing within the existing legal landscape. This will include access to services, information, infrastructure, capital and markets (for industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical and utility products) in every voivodeship. Subject to interest and funding availability, further information will be disseminated through farming market regulatory authorities, social and economy-minded organizations, local media and private initiatives.

All interested in growing hemp and applying it to industrial uses are welcome to participate.