• What are the company's details?

    Grow Pharma Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Anny Jagielonki 2/52
    21-500 Biała Podlaska

    KRS: 0000719383
    NIP: 5372641270
    REGON: 369556540

  • How to start your own crop?

    Our service facilities and industry contacts allow us to organize the possibility of contracting cultivation in any province – both field and closed (under controlled conditions), as well as the possibility of launching a production / commercial enterprise connected with cultivation and processing.

    We offer:

    • Guaranteed assistance in contracting official notifications,
    • Agrotechnical support during the whole cultivation period,
    • Expert care,
    • Purchase of all dried / seed as established High profitability of plantations,
    • The opportunity to acquire knowledge in the cultivation,
    • harvesting and processing of industrial hemp.
  • Is growing your own hemp legal?

    We provide cultivation contracting, purchase of crops on attractive conditions and support of experts with many years of experience in the field of agrotechnology. We guarantee the legal security and the handling of official formalities.

    Industrial hemp growing

    (The counteracting drug addiction act of July 29th, 2005)

    Art. 45 sec. 3: The cultivation of industrial hemp may only be carried out for the needs of the textile, chemical, pulp and paper, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, building materials and seed industries.

    Art. 46 sec. 2: The cultivation of industrial hemp can be carried out

    1) Over a specified size area, in designated areas (…)

    2) When using elite or certified category seeds adherent to seed-production law.

    Detailed information on legal regulations can be found in the ‘Legal regulations‘ tab.

  • How to document the legality of sowing?

    1) An invoice for their purchase from an entity authorized to sell such seeds in the Voivodeship, entered into the register of the Provincial Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection (PIORiN).

    2) A label on the packaging containing the seeds (these documents should normally be attached to the application for a cultivation permit).

    Art. 46 sec. 3. The use of hemp seeds of the basic and certified category (…) shall be confirmed by the purchase invoice of the seed and the label on the packaging containing the seeds.

    3) A cultivation contract with an entity holding a permit from a Voivodship marshal to conduct business with and purchase industrial hemp

  • What is the contractual agreement (Civil code)?

    Art. 613. K.C. through a cultivation contract, the agricultural producer undertakes to produce and deliver to the contracting authority a specified amount of agricultural products of a specific type, and the contracting authority undertakes to collect these products within the agreed period, pay the agreed price and fulfill specified additional services, if the contract or specific provisions provide for the obligation to perform such a service.

  • What services are guaranteed by the Contractual Agreement?

    1) Providing the producer with the possibility of purchasing certain means of production and obtaining financial assistance.

    2) Agrotechnical and zootechnical assistance.

    3) Cash bonuses.

    4) Material bonuses.

    5) Legal guarantees: documentation, permits, analyses.

    6) Quality control and assistance during the process.

    7) Training and ongoing support.

  • Who can take part in GrowPharma trainings?

    Agrotechnical training is available to growers (from beginner to advanced) together with a securement of legal security and soundness of procedure.

    Regulations, business and decision-making advice at all stages of operation for investors, management staff and key personnel—both group and individual. Organization, finalization and commercialization all taken care of.

  • GrowPharma medical services for the patient?

    These are primarily outpatient services (stationary facilities), home visits, telemedicine. Physician selection, locations, visit times, form and scope of services and information disclosed–all closely following the patient’s desires as well as medical knowledge and standards. We provide:

    • Specialized medical practice
    • Online consultations
    • Visitor registration
    • Medical documentation
    • Prescriptions Certifications and referrals
    • Possibility of participation in examination

    If you want to book an appointment please contact any GrowPharma Clinic, book an appointment online or call the helpline.

  • GrowPharma medical services for the doctor?

    These are primarily arrangements based on a framework (including the scope of service, mode of communication and responsibilities), interactive adjustment of the scope, form, time, location of rendered services, information circulation limits and access to infrastructure and shared services. We provide a broad array of online services, together with visit booking, direct doctor-patient communication and individualized medical records. Collaborating with us, will allow you to enter into the database of entities functioning within the GrowPharma Clinic environment (information regarding the range of services according to specialization, availability, telephone and address information–according to preference). We guarantee integrated registration and record keeping of services rendered—possibility of contracting out services to other specialists remotely (with the principles of profession and documentation-keeping observed).

    Entities interested in professional practice or other form of cooperation in the GrowPharma Clinic environment are welcome to apply through the online form.

  • What kind of products can I find in GrowPharma offer?

    • Cosmetics

    Ointments, soaps, creams, shampoos, conditioners and lotions with CBD oil. Excellent hemp cosmetics for everyday care and functional use.

    • Edible products

    Flour, seeds, teas, food oils and other hemp products and products (cakes, butter, tinctures) are very popular because of their taste and health-promoting qualities.

    • Dried plants

    The highest quality certified seeds and fresh and dried inflorescences (dried hemp) of selected varieties, with guaranteed content of natural phytocanabinoids, for individual and industrial use.

    • Extracts

    Extracts, distillates, isolates and pastes from hemp are used in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. Selected varieties and preparations in various forms are allowed for cultivation and production in Poland and the EU, as well as for research applications and can be traded B2B.

    • Growing equipment

    Substrate, fertilizers, pots, lamps, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, fans, thermometers and other high quality agrotechnical equipment.

    • Pharmacy equipment

    Stills, extractors, centrifuges, reflectometers and other equipment used in processing hemp (to yield the various forms and shapes), semi-finished products, prescriptions and industrial preparations and research materials. Also on offer, distribution and support for technology, laboratory and R&D initiatives.

  • What is the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?

    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is an organizational and management system based on operational and supervisory procedures aimed at providing consistent and uniform product quality. This is achieved through close supervision over the production process, including strict documentation of each stage of production—from raw material through packaging and branding to warehousing and preparation for distribution of a finished product.

    The GMP quality system comprises of the following:

    • the surroundings and location of the factory,
    • staff hygiene,
    • machines and equipment,
    • cleaning processes,
    • buildings and rooms,
    • rooms and production processes,
    • production rooms and processes,
    • material quality control,
    • storage and distribution.
  • Can I start production if I don't know how to grow?

    For those interested in the production, distribution of Polish medicines and pharmaceutical substances based on Polish hemp or investment in this market we offer:

    • Operational and investment advisory services (regulatory environment, requirements, business perspectives).
    • Advisement and pre-investment consultation (review of the company’s resources, assessment of feasibility and profitability of investments, business models, valuations).
    • Design and implementation of management and quality control systems at every stage of the venture.
  • What guarantee high quality products?

    We cooperate with renowned and respected laboratories, which perform pharmaceutical research. They hold GMP Certificates, Manufacturing Authorizations or import of medicinal products and authorizations for manufacturing, processing and processing of psychotropic substances.

    We provide laboratory analysis:

    • Cannabinoid profiles
    • Heavy metal residue test
    • Solvent residue test
    • Pesticide and mycotoxin residue test
    • Microbiological purity test
    • Terpenes test