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GrowPharma Clinic – A medical services environment created with a common regulatory, organizational and information exchange framework for patient information in the context of lawful and secure access to hemp preparations supervised by doctors from Poland and abroad.

Only a qualified and experienced physician can develop and supervise a customized therapy with the use of hemp preparations.

GrowPharma Clinic is a medical environment catered to by specialist physicians within a professional, regulated medical framework, using an ICT infrastructure making possible the application of latest medical knowledge and stardards. This includes improved transference of information and experience as part of ongoing clinical practice.
The same applies to the pharmaceutical market regulation–it allows for the actualization of some of its fuctions such as the publication of post-authorization examinations, reporting of adverse effects and monitoring for the availability of certain medicines and therapy modes within a coherent organizational and legal structure.

Medical services environmnent
GrowPharma Clinic

  • For the patient
  • For the doctor
  • Specialist medical practice
  • Online consultations
  • Visit registration
  • Medical documentation
  • Prescriptions
  • Certifications and referrals
  • Possibility of participation in examination
  • Outpatient services (stationary facilities), home visits, telemedicine. Physician selection, locations, visit times, form and scope of services and information disclosed–all closely following the patient’s desires as well as medical knowledge and standards.

  • Free individual consultations:

    • assessment of the patient’s needs for GrowPharma medical services,
    • Information about the availability of medicaments, doctors and therapies.
  • Online visit bookings with a doctor. Alternatively, online or in-person consultations. Minimal formalities and a broad array of services.

    • Electronically-based in line with international standards persuant to the “consent to be treated” arrangement. Implies the prefered scope of preservation and publication to third parties.
    • interactive and multifunctional recording tools for the progression of treatment (systemic structure of documents, integrated databases),
    • quick and secure information sharing capacity among doctors and treatment facilities.
  • In complete accord with the distribution and refund structure for medicaments (including prescription medicines) in Poland and the EU. Possibility of collection of a prescribed medicine for the patient.

  • Documents needed by the patient to legally use preparations and medically-designated therapies in Poland and abroad.

  • New preparations, experimental therapies and other services to do with treatment and a healthy lifestyle. All of the aforementioned in accordance with the existing legal and medical framework (access to all information, written permission, personal consent).

  • Flexible cooperation arrangements
  • Information-exchange system
  • Possibility of experimental examination and therapy
  • Legal security
    • Based on a framework arrangement (including the scope of service, mode of communication and responsibilities), interactive adjustment of the scope, form, time, location of rendered services, information circulation limits and access to infrastructure and shared services.
    • A broad array of online services, together with visit booking, direct doctor-patient communication and individualized medical records.
    • Entry into the database of entities functioning within the GrowPharma Clinic environment (information regarding the range of services according to specialization, availability, telephone and address information–according to preference).
    • Intergrated registration and record keeping of services rendered—possibility of contracting out services to other specialists remotely (with the principles of profession and documentation-keeping observed).
  • Developing a common IT structure—integrated service-rendering organization structure,systemically designed and applied documentation, and trusted, automated, multi-level access to it within the GrowPharma Clinic environment. Also, built-in limitations (suspension) of certain entitlements (further diagnosis or consultations as to the dosage with another doctor, checking for availability of a preparation before writing a prescription) and access to information ensures that practicians train furher in real time knowledge and information exchange with other practicians in order to increase safety, minimize risk and increase the quality of services.

    Also, enhanced interaction with the regulatory environment about medicaments and their efficacy and safety. Interactive databases and systemic tools for data processing as well as internal communication allowing the user to identify and, when needed, eliminate potential threats in real time e.g. serial numbers of products deemend deficient, innefective methods, other hurdles and risks.

    To ensure top-notch services, we offer advisory and support on regulation, other formalities and technical issues having to do with systemic organization of service rendering. This includes online services, transnational services (taking into account particular cultural, environmental and legal limitation factors) and additional needs e.g. additional diasnostic measures at outside facilities.

    • Individual or group research on individual patients, as referred, as part of an ongoing practice in the GrowPharma Clinic environment, following legal and vocational procedure for off-label and experimental practice.
    • Market-based referred examinations (e.g. clinical research, post-authorization examinations, security assessment) regulated by law and executed by authorized entities.
    • Cooperation with educational institutions and organizations for non-commercial research including for individual patients as referred.
    • As part of medical market regulation (reporting of undesired actions, monitoring of product availability and systemic solutions).

    We guarantee legal, organizational, communicational and technical support in research and experimental therapy (including documentation, infrastructure, security and exchange of data and formal requirements) and access to partnering institutions.

  • The GrowPharma Clinic services environment is designed and supervised so as to guarantee perfect legal compliance and the securement of all parties’ legal interests.

    Practicing medicine and rendering medical services carries with it the risk of legal and compensatory responsibility. When using medical services, health hazards are present due to doctor or personnel error. It is possible that even a properly implied treatment will be unsuccessful. Medical work also requires proper organization, documentation and security measures (same as the manufacture and sale of medicaments).

    Ensuring proper protections, both in terms of legal responsibility and your legitimate interests in case of a conflict including conflicts between GrowPharma Clinic and regulatory institutions and parties’ claims:

    • Every doctor and patient is offered individual legal and medical-practice related support within the GrowPharma service environment including particularized services (e.g. driving under the influence and potential legal responsibility for it),
    • Every service within the GrowPharma Clinic service environment like consultations, referrals, therapy, prescription writing (including online prescriptions) is documented in detail according to formalized procedural and oversight-related guidelines and laws governing the rendering and reception of services.

    Parties to a potential conflict—even before prior to its arising from the legal standpoint—thus operate within a set of boundaries (in line with their legal responsibilities) and are subject to consequences when a transgression has been discovered based on documentation and procedure.

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